They're Coming For Every Second


I've personally experienced the impact of social media on my psyche. And, getting to witness and share social media with over a million people has offered a lens that I can't pretend I don't see.

Social media comes for ALL of you. Left to its own devices and algorithms it will not leave any of you untouched and un-mined for data and dollars.

And as you not only consume content, but also the machine rewards you for creating it WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

You might wonder why you have anxiety... and I would say that a major source of mainstream anxiety is social media platforms. Social pulls. The need to belong. The need to be liked.

We play out our childhood wounds in a place that is sure to exacerbate them.

Look, they're great tools. But, their whole purpose is to commoditize your attention, and the more of it they get from you and I, the more money they make.

Just like they extract from the earth, they are extracting from us. And evolution has not armed us with the tools to hold an attention extracting machine.

The good thing? We get to choose how we use them, but only once we recognize they are using us.

I sense an analog revolution in our midst. One path of humanity will go towards the singularity, the other half towards the land.

Please share your thoughts below. Would love to hear your experience and your predictions.

Much love. (and I recognize we're doing this on one of the tools!)

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